These pendants and brooches are painted in a watercolour technique which is suited to depicting the moods of the Tasmanian landscape. It also suits my primary style of painting as a watercolourist for 20 years.  The paints are water based and after dyring on the surface of the cut glass they are kiln fired during which time the are absorbed into the glass to create a sense of depth. Often a second layer of paint will be fired in to create even greater sense of depth.t

TheTasmanian Moods in glass jewekllery may be purchased direct from the artist at Penguin Market on Sundays, fromy  Forth Art Studio (51 George St, Forth, Tasmania   or via internet contact. They are also available from Dean Walker Designs Jewellers and Art Gallery in Burnie, Tasmania.

Price of each of these one-off, original paintings kiln fired into glass is  $50

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